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Internships Abroad
Employers today are looking for a lot more than a degree. They want confident and experienced candidates who can thrive in a multicultural world. An internship with UCEAP enables you to:


  • Develop professional fluency in a new language
  • Adapt to workplace practices in another country
  • Connect with international experts in your field
  • Create a lifelong and global network
  • Meet personal, academic and career goals
  • Earn UC credit
One of the distinct advantages of studying abroad with UCEAP is the wide range of internship opportunities and support: 

We offer internships across over 50 UC majors in 30 countries worldwide.


Packaged Internships

With these study abroad programs, the internship is the focus of your program, and the academic experience is integrated with the internship opportunity​:   

​UCEAP Internship Program Abroad
Europ​ean Transformations, Madrid & Rome: Semester with Internship ​8-15 hours/week 10 weeks​ ​18 weeks
​Global Cities Urban Realities, London & Paris: Semester with Internship  ​30-35 hours/week ​​6 weeks ​17 weeks
India: Semester in Mumbai with Internship 30-40 hours/week​ 10 weeks​ 15 weeks
​Ireland: Irish Parliament Internship ​15-20 hours/week ​13 weeks ​14 weeks
​Israel: Israel Institute of Technology, Technion/Neubauer ​30-40 hours/week ​9 weeks ​24 weeks
Japan: International Christian University with Internship 30 hours/week​ 4 weeks​ 16 weeks​
Singapore:​ Science and Engineering Research Internship​ ​30-40 hours/week ​9 weeks ​9 weeks
Switzerland: Global & International Studies, University of Geneva ​30-40 hours/week ​8 weeks ​26 weeks
​UK-Scotland: Scottish Parliament Internship ​25 hours/week ​15 weeks ​15 weeks

Add an Internship to Study Abroad

You may want a more personalized internship beyond our packaged options. In the following locations and programs, our Study Center staff abroad will consult and guide you on how to add an internship to your study abroad experience:
Need more options? Take a look at the full list of programs where internships are possible.

"At the Korea Productivity Center, I translated professional documents from English to Korean and saw my language skills and Korean vocabulary improve significantly. I embraced the Korean corporate culture and acted as a translator on meetings with major companies such as Siemens and Royal Philips. My internship really helped me understand business planning and the exposure made me very excited about my future career," You Jin Choi, UCI

Set up Your Own Internship

At UCEAP, we believe in helping each student find their best academic experience abroad. When it comes to setting up a personal internship,  there are a few extra steps we suggest for your success.

Before departure, carefully research options that match your goals. Do not limit yourself to a single destination. Consider visa requirements, rules for working abroad, and whether an internship requires an application, interview, or other actions to place you before your arrive. To receive academic credit in your major, be sure to consult with your UC major department advisor.

Step 1: Read to understand the guidelines and procedures for securing an internship for credit on UCEAP.

Internship Information for Students to understand the guidelines and procedures for securing an internship for credit on UCEAP.

Step 2: Read Internship Information for Supervisors if you want to intern with a company or sponsor that is unfamiliar with UC internship requirements. Share this document with your sponsor (it clarifies expectations and procedures).

Step 3: Once you have secured your internship, complete the Special Study Internship Form with your supervisor and submit it to your study center representative.

We are also here to help you along the way with any questions! You can meet in person with a UCEAP advisor on campus or a UCEAP Academic Specialist by phone or email.

UCEAP Internship Awards

The University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) honors exceptional internship experiences with the UCEAP Internship Award. Awardees receive $500 and their experiences are shared with the UCEAP community.

The purpose of this award is to recognize students who have distinguished themselves through internships conducted while abroad on UCEAP and to encourage other students to take part in internships abroad.

Internship Awards Application Instructions


Questions? Contact us at

Student Stories

 2015-16 Internship Award Winners:
"In this increasingly connected world, the people whose voices are least often heard are those in small, generally rural communities around the world, especially in developing countries. With this internship, my broad goal was to make a positive contribution to some local people’s lives and learn how to continue this practice in the future. I wanted to understand what it means to work for an environmental NGO in a developing country, to recognize the difficulties and the possible solutions, to see where compromises must be made and where collaboration exists or has the potential to exist. These hopes of mine were not only met, but exceeded my imagination and it is far from over. I am deeply grateful for this tremendous educational experience as a yearlong intern and study abroad student in Ghana which is invaluable to me as I further refine my professional goals in service to global environmental stewardship."
Jacqueline Puliatti, UC Santa Cruz
University of Ghana
Internship with an NGO that focuses on prevention of environmental degradation, sustainable resource use, poverty eradication and peoples empowerment.
“The internship gave me the opportunity to program mobile applications, something that I was only slightly familiar with before especially since this was my first internship. The duties I performed during this internship directly reflect my professional goal of being a software engineer. I gained exposure to programs such as XCode and Android Studio. This is a valuable skill that I believe has already benefited me today as I am currently interning in Palo Alto, CA and am working with the same programs. Without the prior exposure to these programs in Brazil, I would be using them for the first time in my current internship and I would be having a much more difficult time... Many technical majors do not get the chance to study abroad because they believe it will not fit within their four year plan due to lack of transferable credits and general lack of availability of core classes. However, from my experience, I hope to serve as an example to other STEM majors by not only having taken a CS course at the university, but also participating in a technical internship at the same time. I want others to know that it is possible to enjoy a semester abroad while still contributing to a professional future.”
Tatiana Ferreyra
Pontifical Catholic University- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Internship with a startup technology company