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UC Santa Cruz Pre-Arrival Instructions

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Contact Information

International Scholar and Student Services
107 Classroom Unit, UC Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-4816
(831) 459-3555
Ally Modzeleski



College Affiliation and Housing Assignment

Undergraduate students

The Colleges: Communities of Learning

The colleges at UC Santa Cruz are instrumental in creating the learning communities and supportive environment that characterize the Santa Cruz experience. All undergraduate students, whether they live in university housing or not, are affiliated with one of ten colleges. In addition to housing students in small-scale residential communities, each college provides academic support, organizes student activities, and sponsors events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus. Every college community includes students with diverse backgrounds and academic goals. Your college affiliation is independent of your choice of major, and assignments are based upon space availability and student preferences.

International Living Center (ILC) at College Nine and College Ten! More than just a place to live, the International Living Center offers a unique living environment fostering understanding and friendship among people from different nations. Half of the ILC's residents are from the U.S. and half are international. Students that become affiliated with either College Nine or College Ten will have the option to express an interest in the ILC during the online housing application process.

  • College affiliation assignments and instructions for completing the online housing application/contract process will be sent to you if you indicated a preference for university housing. 
  • It is important that you complete the online application/contract process by the due date stated in the information sent to you.
College affiliation instructions and information on how to apply online for University housing will be sent to you by EAP. Please do not contact the UCSC housing office directly for an application.

University Housing Options

Undergraduate Students

University Housing is guaranteed if all housing deadlines are met. Be aware that the standard university housing contract is for the entire academic year, or the duration of your exchange. A particular type of college/housing facility or specific room type is not guaranteed.

The colleges at UC Santa Cruz offer two kinds of living accommodations—residence halls and apartments, both with access to common dining facilities. Nine of the colleges have both residence halls and apartments, while Kresge College has all apartments. Except for Kresge and Oakes, apartments are generally reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In addition to the housing options at the college, Education Abroad Program (EAP) students are eligible to live at The Village or University Town Center.  These communities are made up of students from all of the residential colleges. Each community is supported by a live-in manager and student staff who plan activities and assist residents.

Application Deadline: Deadlines will be included in the instructions for submitting the Student Housing Online application/contract. Failure to meet this deadline will void any housing guarantee. Late applications will be placed on a waiting list.

Advanced Housing Fee: The fee is automatically deferred for EAP undergraduate students.

Notification of Housing Assignments: Housing assignment information will be sent to all students from their resident facility in mid-August for fall EAP students (mid-December for winter EAP students). This will include room, roommate, and move-in information.

Campus Housing Office
Address: 104 Hahn Student Services Building, University of California
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: (831) 459-2394
Fax: (831) 459-3665
(Includes rate information)

Housing Information

California Housing Board (Non-UC Housing)

The California Housing Board provides a forum for all Education Abroad Program participants to share information about housing for rent and housing situations wanted in California. Students are encouraged to post messages about housing sublets, shared housing situations, rooms for rent, and rentals wanted.

About the Housing Board
Go to Housing Boards

University Apartments/Residence Halls (UC Housing)

Undergraduate Students

See College Affiliation and Housing Assignment

University Sponsored Housing (UC Affiliated)

Graduate/Undergraduate students

In addition to the housing options available at the Colleges, new transfer and EAP students are also eligible to live at The Village or University Town Center.


Off-Campus Community Housing (Non-UC Housing)

Graduate/Undergraduate students

Community Rentals Office (CRO)

CRO offers current listings of available rentals in the off-campus community. Rental listings, forms, and resource information are available online (see below). You must activate your UCSC e-mail account to access rental listings. You can do this through after you have received your student ID# and password. All other information is available at any time.

Address: 104 Hahn Student Services Building, University of California
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: (831) 459-4435
Fax: (831) 459-3665
Website (includes online listings)
Tips on Finding Housing

Other Housing Resources (Non-UC Housing)

Students should be aware that this housing is not UC sponsored or endorsed and that it not advisable to rent prior to arrival when you can visit the rental in person.

Arrival Information


When should I arrive?: January 3, 2012

You may arrive no more than 30 days prior to the date printed on your visa certificate of eligibility (DS-2019). Students who do not have pre-arranged housing are advised to arrive as early as possible.

Date on Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019): January 6, 2012

International Student Orientation (Mandatory)

Date: Friday, January 6th, 2012
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: Classroom Unit Building, Room 201

Take photocopies of the following documents to the meeting (copy them AFTER you have entered the U.S.):

  • Your passport and your original I-20/DS-2019
  • Photocopy of both sides of your I-94 card (small white card in your passport)
  • Photocopy of your F-1 or J-1 visa stamp in your passport (valid dates of visa and your photo)
  • Photocopy of the first page of your I-20 Form or DS-2019 Form showing the F-1 D/S and   J-1 D/S stamp
  •  Photocopy of your passport identity page (valid dates of passport and your photo)

University Housing Residences Open:
Dates vary with housing assignment.

Temporary Accommodation

Ground Transport to Campus

Course Enrollment Information

Department Links
Schedule of Classes
Course Catalog
Enrollment ""
Enrollment FAQ

Enrollment Period: Enrollment for UCEAP Reciprocity students begins on December 1, 2011.

Enrollment Appointment Time: Your appointment time will be noted under "Enrollment Dates" in the portal during the first part of November.

Problems signing in? Contact the Help Desk Problems enrolling in classes? Contact the Registrar's Office.

Departmental Advisor Contact Information
Prerequisite Clearance Request Form
Enrollment Certification

Students will receive (by mail) student ID number and password for web registration. The registration system might require proof of completion of a prerequisite for registration in certain courses. Students who have completed coursework at their home university equivalent to the prerequisite courses, should contact the major advisor by e-mail for authorization to enroll in the course.

Graduate students
Graduate students usually register after consultation with the department’s graduate advisor. Check with your host department for registration advising.

English Language Placement Testing

Language Placement Exam: None required

Tutoring and Study Support Available: Contact the Learning Center

Health Insurance

2011-12 Costs and information are listed below.

Requirement: Students are automatically enrolled in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan unless they complete an on-line waiver that provides proof of equivalent coverage, and it is approved.

Cost: Undergraduates $472 per quarter (USHIP); Graduates $889 per quarter (GSHIP).
Billing: Each quarter

Payment DeadlinesCheck your student account. There is a late fee for payment after the deadline.

Fall USHIP: September 15, 2011
Fall GSHIP: September 18, 2011

Winter USHIP: December 21, 2011
Winter GSHIP: January 13, 2012

Spring USHIP: March 21, 2012
Spring GSHIP: April 6, 2012

Effective Dates:
Fall USHIP: September 17, 2011 - January 5, 2012
Fall GSHIP: September 15, 2011 - January 5, 2012

Winter USHIP/GSHIP: January 6, 2012 - April 1, 2012

Spring/Summer* USHIP/GSHIP: April 2, 2012 - September 14, 2012

*If you are a registered student during Spring quarter, your spring SHIP fee provides coverage through the end of summer.

Insurance Information
Waiver Instructions

To receive a waiver, your plan must have coverage comparable to the UC plan, and be from a recognized company that is owned, headquartered and operated in the United States. Foreign insurance plans with U.S. affiliates/representatives, travel insurance plans and reimbursement programs do not qualify.

Waiver Form: Log on to the UCSC Student portal using your user name and password. The Student Health Insurance Waiver link is found under “Academic News.”

Waiver Request Deadline:
Fall: September 1, 2011
Winter: December 1, 2011
Spring: March 1, 2012

Health Center Website