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California Housing Board

About the Housing Board

This housing board provides a forum for Education Abroad Program participants to share information about housing for rent and housing situations wanted in California, near UC campuses.
Participants in these discussions must be aware that the Education Abroad Program and the University of California are not monitoring the listings nor are they responsible for the list’s content.

The Housing Board is located on the EZBoard website. The University of California is not affiliated with EZBoard and does not endorse any of the advertising that appears on their site.

Sample Forms and References

For the convenience of users of this forum, we have listed below some information about renting and subleasing housing and have provided some sample agreements.  A rental agreement is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant for property; a sublease agreement is an agreement between the tenant and a sublessee for the property for a specified period of time.  Before entering into a sublease agreement, confirm that the tenant has the right under his or her rental agreement to sublease the property.  This may be done either by reviewing the rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord or contacting the landlord directly.  The forms listed below are for sample purposes only.  The landlord who wishes to rent property to you or the tenant who wishes to sublease property to you will probably use forms that differ somewhat from these.  The University of California does not arrange for housing through this website and is not a party to any housing agreement that is made through use of this website.

The UC Regents, officers, agents, and employees of the University of California make no warranties or representations in connection with the above information and sample forms, and accept no liability for any damages whatsoever arising from the use of this information and/or the sample forms, including any errors or omissions made therein.

Getting Started

For your security, do not post your home address or telephone number on the board; post only your email address. If you wish to continue a discussion with another EAP student by phone or letter, send email to your correspondent directly; do not post personal information on the board.

Selecting a Forum:

  1. Select your host/home UC campus by term
Fall= August through December at UCB; September through December at all other UC campuses
Winter= January through March at all UC campuses except UCB
Spring= January through May at UCB; April through June at all UC campuses except UCB

To Post a Message:

  1. Click the New Topic button (top command line).
  2. Complete the message form using a descriptive title for the subject line. You may post your email for response but do not provide your personal telephone or address information.
    Here is an example of the type of information your message should include:

    Dates of Availability/ Dates Needed:
    September 1- December 31
    Rent /Maximum Renter Can Pay: $500 per month, deposit equal to 1st and last months’ rent
    Conditions: 2-bedroom apartment, sublet; no pets
    Location: One block from campus
    Preferences: Female preferred
    Contact: Christina at
  3. Click on the Add Post button at the bottom of the form. You will see the subject line of your posted message .message

To Respond to a Message:

  1. Click on the Add Reply button that appears at the lower right of the screen.
  2. Compose your response.
  3. Click on the Add Reply button at the bottom of the form. You will automatically return to the main forum screen.

Viewing Messages:

The Expand/Collapse button (top command line) permits you to view messages by subject only or by subject with responses.

The Forums Listing button (top command line) permits you to jump to the main forum list. You may also move to another forum by using the Jump to drop down box at the lower right of the screen when in message posting mode

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