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 Study Abroad in Singapore

The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore—with its mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian​​​ and Western traditions—provides a uniquely global experience with an ultramodern international city set within a beautiful tropical setting. The city's scrumptious food, pristine streets and modern architecture add to its attraction.  Faculty from all over the world are attracted to live and teach in the innovative and collaborative academic culture of this prosperous nation. ​

Whether you explore conservation of tropical ecosystems, participate in pioneering international research, or delve into the economics, politics, and history of Southeast Asia, this is a remarkable and unique experience to add to your undergraduate studies at UC.

Programs Overview

Biodiversity, National Univ. of Singapore
Explore biodiversity, along with local language and culture, and learn about tropical ecosystems and diverse communities of this island-nation, with a field excursion to a Malaysian island for research.
Class Levels: So, Jr, Sr, GrLanguage of Instruction: English
Terms: SummerLanguage Prerequisites: None
National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)
Take classes in most UC majors taught by faculty from around the world, and engage with this top level university community through research, clubs, sports, and cultural activities.
Class Levels: So, Jr, Sr, GrLanguage of Instruction: English
Terms: Fall, Spring, YearLanguage Prerequisites: None
Science & Engineering Internship, Agency for Science, Technology & Research
Apply for this high-level internship opportunity to assist in cutting-edge research under international scientists on national research projects.
Class Levels: Jr, Sr, GrLanguage of Instruction: English
Terms: Summer, Summer2Language Prerequisites: None